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Dec 1, 2012 9:45pm EST
with special gold star ornaments, bearing the names of some of america's greatest heroes, those who gave their lives for our country. in the gold star family who visits the white house during this season will have opportunity to decorate their own armament and hang it on the ent tree -their own ornamne and hang it on the holiday tree. also operation on our current. these cards are used to pledge individual service to their community in honor of our military family service members and veterans. guests will be able to write a note expressing their gratitude for the service that all of you have given to this country. we are also honoring our military families with some very special decorations on the official white house christmas tree that is in the blue room. the biggest in the house. it stands close to 19 feet tall. it is one of my favorite trees. this special joining forces tree is covered with had decorated ornaments made by military children living in u.s. bases around the world. we spent months gathering these beautiful ornaments and guests will be able to take the time and read the
Dec 9, 2012 9:35pm EST
-founder of america online. is a rabid twitter. i feel like i know every detail of your life. and a relentless of entrepreneurship. we're very fortunate to have these three panelistings. they get five to seven minutes -- there will be a little time left. five to seven minutes to discuss the topic and we're going have a discussion among us then we will open it up to you and hopefully, we will get to all of your comments and questions. >> i'm delighted to be here this evening because i think the topics is important. this conference also recognizes mark kaplan who is that i am pleased to speak in behalf of tonight. we're looking tonight at immigration policies and how they affect our eighty to attract high-skilled immigrants. engineers and entrepreneurs who contribute to innovation. because universities and colleges are in the talent business. we're in a global competition for talent. all yustses, but particularly research university, are competing to get the best and brightest. if immigration policies make it differently for international students to come to the united states then we undercut ou
Dec 8, 2012 3:35pm EST
start playing games with the debt ceiling, america's credit rating is reduced and that has consequences in economic growth. we are not going to play this game with brinksmanship every six months. those are the two things that are minimally required at. we are prepared to sit down and listen to alternatives they have on entitlements. we are prepared. we do not think there is much room but we are prepared to look at the discretionary budget. but we think we need a package where the revenue is in the range of $1.70 trillion over 10 years. >> [inaudible] >> well, i will let the american people make their judgment about whether or not they think that is the case. we have laid out where we are. there has been a referendum on the two points i have made already. i think every serious economist i have spoken to knows there has to be revenue. you have to do something about rates. all of a sudden going into health care in terms of employment or fooling around with mortgage deductions, you cannot get there without the rates being affected. they know it. look, i am -- person i negotiate every day is
Dec 22, 2012 4:14pm EST
the opportunity and skirted up. -- screwed it up. >> we have two chinese immigrant families representing america. it is hard to imagine it in reverse from the chinese side. they're not an immigrant-based society. >> do they take it as an honor? >> yes. they also want to claim him. you know, as part of the greater china community. and then there is a bit of a disappointment, but it is an amazing moment in american history. >> i guess you want over there just before or after the big confrontation in august over the debt crisis. what has been their view of how our political system is working, whether we are worthy partner? >> the views of a top chinese government leaders is to have great confidence in the u.s. economy. they have made those statements to the top american leaders that have gone, all the way from vice president biden, and xi jinping met with president obama in february of last year. they expressed great confidence in united states. they're always asking about how the recovery is going. they believe that we will get our fiscal house in order. they know how dependent they are, and that
Dec 22, 2012 9:35pm EST
undergirds the future of america. that's why you've heard so much conversation about raising taxes. you raise taxes on the top 2% and you almost overnight, within the first 12 months, eliminate about 700,000 new jobs. you tack that on top of the regulatory reform, you're talking another 800,000 jobs "lost in america." so that's 1.5 million more americans out of work on top of 23 million americans. that's not the right direction. so my objective would start with a conversation of tax reform and spending control. >> [inaudible] >> i would think that most americans are members of the tea party principally. we believe in limited government. we believe in lower taxes. we believe in keeping the government out of your pockets. if you believe in freekts, -- free markets, those are the basic tenets of the tea party. i would hope we all believe in that. that would be a decisive yes. >> [inaudible] >> you look at his scorecard with the heritage action. he was a 98 and i was closing in on i think it was a 090. there was a couple that separated us, maybe some of the more well-known votes. other than that,
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
that enabled him to serve you faithfully for the good of america. as we express gratitude for the laudable footprints he left in the sands of time, give us your power to persevere in promptly doing what is right. made the memory of senator inouye's indefatigable faithfulness provide a benchmark for the lives of all labor for liberty. lord, intensify our dedication to make sacrifices for the good of our nation and world as we put our trust in you to do for us immeasurably, abundantly, above all that we can ask or imagine, according to your power, he working in and through us. -- more power, working in and through us. we pray in your sovereign name. amen. >> senator dan inouye was a noble soul, one of the finest men i have ever met, and we are por for his loss. i want to join senator inouye's family, hawaii, and all americans in paying respect to an american hero. senator inouye was one of the deluxe senators to ever walk the hallowed halls of this great building. he leaves behind a legacy of public leadership and private kindness that will not be forgotten as long as these walls stand and a
Dec 10, 2012 12:35am EST
-- the names that come to mind are robert reagan and clinton. this is what america needs. i have been elected by the americans, i am sending you legislation to enact this. that did something wonderful for congress. the cassette, i did not want to do this but the president asked so we are working on this. they could say, this bill was not perfect, but we fixed it. that gave congress cover to get things done that we have done seen since 2000. presidents operated on the notion they should just provide principles. you need a president to be able to go to his side and say i know you don't like this but we will take care of this another way and the other side can say what is important to them. we need that kind of leadership. host: this is a photograph in "the wall street journal." go back to your earlier point. bread -- there is a division between the president and the white house but also house and senate republicans. senate -- senator mitch mcconnell did not endorse john boehner's plan last week. guest: in this case, you've got substantial differences in party outlook. the tea party was always s
Dec 23, 2012 10:05pm EST
are third-generation of the entitlement recipients in communities across america. in chicago's cook county, it costs $10 million a month to support them. some reports say next year, one half of all children in new york city will be bored to indigent parents. host: your point in all this? caller: my point is, the money that is being spent on these other entitlement programs have to be cut because these people are able to get out of work and make a nice living, whereas the elderly cannot. guest: i think the main thing to pay it to do about the federal budget -- and this is something that people say flippantly some times. at the u.s. government is an insurance company with an army. when we talk about the insurance company part, we are talking about medicare and social security, and to some degree medicaid. those are programs that benefit the middle class and the poor, mainly through retirement. the other thing that people talk about, those are very small parts in the federal budget compared to medicare and social security. really, is not a question of needing to cut these programs. it is that
Dec 24, 2012 1:05am EST
, for being here for what many people in america think are the holidays. some of us in this building, maybe not so much the holidays, but thank you very much. i have a whole bunch of questions. frankly, i will not ask. i just want to make it clear that with or without the chart up there, we recognize that there are multi employer plans that are in real trouble. hundreds of thousands of employees and retirees that are in trouble. we also recognize that the pbgc has a relatively limited ability to help them. the benefit payments are relatively low compared to single employer plans. i very much appreciate the chairman and mr. andrews' diligence pursuing this. i am determined to keep after this. we have some plans that are spectacularly in trouble -- that is not a secret name here. that one plant alone, you have employers that are in trouble because of these obligations and you have in that plan hundreds of thousands of its employees that are at jeopardy. i am hoping that if we wrap up this congress and work with those outside groups whose input we are eagerly awaiting to do something about thi
Dec 9, 2012 3:40am EST
talked about, what is the other thing you are concerned about when it comes to america oppose the health. guest: we need to keep our guard up. keeping the public health system strong and vibrant at the federal level and state and local levels. we've been not know what the next outbreak will be, but we know there will be another outbreak. we have to be ready for emergencies and ready to respond effectively and quickly. that means keeping our laboratories, our public of the institutions on the ready. not only addressing today's problems but getting ready for tomorrow. we run the risk of success. the last caller made a great. about mops. so many people have grown up not sitting the killer childhood diseases they may not fully appreciate how important it is to get vaccinated. we need to make sure we have a robust health system ready to detect and respond as quickly to protect from threats 24-7. >> to get the tools to complement the things the doctor just said. >> he is the director. also joined by the center for disdains control. to roy very much. -- disease control. thank you very much. >>
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)